What is ServSafe?

The ServSafe program is the most widely recognized food safety certification in the nation. The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Program has been deemed valid, reliable, and legally defensible, as well as transferable between Jurisdictions.​


Food safety training is a commitment, a mindset and a smart business practice for every restaurant and food service operation in our industry. Food safety training doesn’t end once a manager earns certification. That’s where it begins – by implementing food safety practices on a daily basis and training staff in the food safety practices learned in the ServSafe program. The ServSafe program provides the resources to help keep food safety as an essential ingredient in every meal. ServSafe training is the one commitment to food safety implementation that we should all share every day.


Alaska CHARR provides the Certified Food Protection Manager Certification training in Anchorage.


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ServSafe Class Information


In Person Classes:

Visit the calendar to pre-register (registration is required and closes 1 business day prior to class) for this all-day training. The class begins at 8:30 am and ends at approximately 5:30 pm. Lunch will be on your own for approximately 1 hour. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to confirm attendance and check identification.


CHARR Members: $175 - Price includes textbook, review course, and online exam.
Non-Members: $225 - Price includes textbook, review course, and online exam.


Online Classes:

Online ServSafe Manager Course & Exam Costs*
$175 per person for Members $225 per person for non-members
Please contact the CHARR office to register and receive course code.


Challenge/Renewal Testing (in office only)

Certified Food Protection Manager online challenge testing is available with instant results! Contact the CHARR office to make an appointment.
CHARR Members: $75.00
​Non-Members: $100.00


​Cancellations received in writing 3 or more days prior to the class will result in a refund of the course registration fee minus a $25 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued less than 3 days prior to the class date.

​If you wish to reschedule to a different class date after registering, and you notify us 3 or more days prior to the original class date, your registration fee will be transferred free of charge. Change requests made less than 3 days prior to the original class date will incur a $25 administrative fee.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is required to have the Food Protection Manager Certification?

Currently the DEC and MOA food codes require that an establishment with a risk type of F002 or F003 must have at least one Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) actively on site per shift. Please contact the Department of Environmental Health food safety and sanitation program at 877-233-3663 or the MOA at 343-4200 to verify your establishments risk type. The CFPM is the person in charge of the day to day activities. Please see the chart at the end of this section for additional information.


Is my certification good in other states?

Yes, ServSafe is a nationally recognized certification.


How long does the class last?

The class is approximately 8 hours long with a 45-60 minute lunch break.


When will I know if I passed?

All exams are online, and results are available instantly. CHARR can provide proof of course completion to the state or municipal health department if needed. The paper exams are available by special request only. They must be secured and sent via UPS to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to be graded. Please allow 3-4 weeks from the date of the class to receive your certificate.


Do I have to attend the class or can I just take the exam?

For those who have previously attended the class and simply need to renew/update their certification, the exam is available in the CHARR office by appointment. The exam is taken online and administered by one of our proctors. Instant results are obtained from the online exam.


How many questions are on the exam?

The exam contains 90 multiple choice questions. Students must score a 75% or better to successfully pass the course.Is the exam open book? ServSafe® instructors are required to follow strict exam security procedures. The book and/or notes may not be used when taking the exam.

How long is the certification valid for?

Five years.

I did the ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) training. Do I need a Food Worker Card too?

No. The CFPM on staff will be the person expected to ensure compliance with the food worker card requirement and to maintain those records. They do not have to do the training. However it wouldn’t hurt for them to familiarize themselves with the training program.


I understand there are different versions of the ServSafe course, which one is this?

The course we offer is an 8 hour refresher course primarily intended for people in the industry.


Food Handler/Worker Card


Alaska CHARR does not offer food worker or food handler card training or certification.
Food Workers who work anywhere in the state, excluding the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA), who work with unpackaged foods, potentially hazardous food or food-contact surfaces are required within 30 days after the date of hire, hold a valid food worker card issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The MOA now has its own test and card. Please contact your local municipality or your employer for any other requirements that may be necessary in your area.


If you work within the Municipality of Anchorage you may obtain your food handlers card by following the link below.


If you work outside the Municipality of Anchorage you may obtain your food handlers card by following the link below.



Statewide ServSafe Instructors

ServSafe Classes and/or proctored testing sites are available around the state. Contact the individual in your area for more information:



Rebecca Giedosh-Ruge, 907.274.8133


Jason Capp, 907.347.8653




Elizabeth Johnston, 907.224.6108


Ann Pennington, 907.883.5151 EXT. 119

UAF-Community & Technical College

Luis Manual Martinez, 907.455.2929